1975 Rome, Ostia

In winter, I travelled to Rome with my then girlfriend Carola. When we came out of the hotel on the morning of November 2, 1975, our attention was caught by a notice on a newsstand announcing that the Italian master director, poet, photographer and draughtsman Pier Paolo Pasolini had been murdered the night before in Ostia. We were completely shocked and decided to leave for Ostia straight away.

Arriving at the scene of the crime in Ostia, we encountered Michelangelo Antonioni with his Arriflex camera on his shoulder. In an apparently confused state, he was filming the people present and the murder weapon (PPP's red Alfa Romeo).

We later saw him filming the sea. Reel after reel. The next day I wrote this poem:


Killed last night
With brute force
Guarded by the moon

He sought her
Love, wicked
Life concentrated

In the morning, during the day
In the piazza lay
An outline in chalk

And a strip of silk


Has arrived
Dazed -
Filmed from this spot

Waves and spray -
Our tears
Vision blurred 

Camera (analog): Nikon F2 with fixed lens 50 mm