1988/1989 New Year's Days in New York City

In the winter of 1988, I lived on Spiegelgasse 11 in Zurich's old town, right opposite Turm, which was my favorite bar back then. Mo used to work there, and one day she told me she'd won a trip for two to New York in a competition organized by a private radio station. At the time, she didn't have a boyfriend, so she jokingly asked me if I – being familiar with the US – would go with her. I was delighted and immediately agreed. Apart from the flight, the prize included a hotel room in the historic George Washington Hotel on Lexington Avenue.
While we were there, Mo visited her sister, a drug addict, in the Bronx and couldn't really enjoy the trip. Temperatures were always below zero, so I remember being constantly freezing!
I recently (2023) learned that Mo died years ago. Like her sister, she died of a heroin addiction. RIP Mo.

Camera (analog): Nikon F2 with fixed lens 50 mm