2017 – 2022 Viza

When we were looking for models and female actors for my film Fire Fire Desire, 2012, we encountered the then eleven-year-old Viza, who worked as a street vendor. She fascinated me and we hired her as an extra for the film.
In the past eight years, I have followed the lives of all our protagonists from that time. Viza's life story was incredible and anything but representative. She has become a singer, actor, dancer and model.
In 2019, she toured Cambodia for the first time. We attended two of her sold-out concerts in Siem Reap.

Model: Viza
Genre: Portrait
Camera (digital): Nikon Z6 with Nikkor-Z zoom-lens 24-70mm/2.8
Nikkor-Z zoom lens 14-30mm/4
Fujifilm X100F with fixed lens 28mm (35mm)
Nikon Flash SB500
LED Ciné Lights