Portrait of a Dreamer, C. Köhnemann, 5th semester 1995, FH Konstanz

1994 - 1997 Lecturer for film and electronic media at the University of Konstanz

1992 Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Saxer and Dr. Rene Grossenbacher on a concept for the introduction of television in Botswana: "Follow Up study on a Botswana Television Service"

1990 Media courses for primary school pupils, Freie Volksschule Trichterhausenmühle

1984 Lecture on film and video technologies for visual designers on the topic "New media perspectives and practical applications", ASG, Zurich

1976 Media course for primary school students, Alternative School 1, Winterthur

1980 - 2018 Various lectures and articles on the following topics:
- Analog versus digital - is art photography dying out?
- Image Design - A Trip into the History of Photography
- Visual Signature - from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Miroslav Tichy
- Art on the Internet
- Filmmaking for children (see Tages-Anzeiger from 27 January 1987)
- Film and photography in advertising
- Film dramaturgy in docudrama
- Ambient Media
- Trade Marks or how I earned a fortune with the name XBOX...
- From analog posters to digital signage
- Radio Wave Propagation
- Weak Signal Propagation

Scientific works about the films

1989/90 Seminar for Film Studies at the University of Zurich, directed by Prof. Christine Noll Brinckmann

Seminar "The originality of the documentary film in Switzerland" by Beni Müller:
"FETISH & DREAMS by Steff Gruber" by Irene Elber, Jan Sahli and Felix Studinka
"LOCATION AFRICA by Steff Gruber" by Karin Dioda and Sara Schindler
"MOON IN TAURUS by Steff Gruber" by Thomas Ritter, Thomas Thumena and Markus Meier

I am pleased about lecture and course inquiries. Due to my versatile fields of interest, I offer an unusually broad spectrum of topics. I like to join discussions and debates or help out with inventions in interdisciplinary groups or brainstorming sessions.