1974 Voyage of Dreams – Work-In-Progress


Dear friends

VOYAGE OF DREAMS will be a photo book with about 60-70 large format square color photographs and about 20 enlarged 35mm slides in landscape format.
The impressions were taken in 1974 on my trip from Athens, Georgia to San Francisco, California.
My biographical text will be illustrated with smaller SX-70-images and black and white Polaroids as well.
A reportage within the reportage (the abandoned and run-down sets of Paramount Studios, taken on a trip through the backlots with the then studio boss Robert Evans) will be shown in its own layout, with smaller pictures.

Attention: The pictures on this webpage are not yet selected, edited, color graded and also not arranged chronologically.
The structure is not fixed yet and not all pictures are scanned and edited for printing.

In addition, selected images by Bob Evans, Andy Humphreys, Jim Herbert and Bonnie T. also appear in the book.

The book will be published by a German publisher, bilingual, English and German.

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