Photograhy – online
Edge of Humanity Magazine, Meat, July 2023

All About Photo, Railway Community, solo exhibition 1-30 June 2023

Rotka, Living on Water, May 2021.

Oculus Digitale, Theravada Buddhist Monastery, May 2021.

SDN Social Documentary Network, Spotlight, Theravada Buddhist Monastery, April 2021.

UnFrame, Theravada Buddhist Monastery, April 2021.

Dodho Magazine, Theravada Buddhist Monastery, November 2020.

Photograhy – print
Alt und Jung in Asien, publication series, text: Urs Schoettli, Stiftung Vontobel 2021.
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DOCU MAGAZINE, Vol 1, Issue 6, Cambodian Stills, December 2020.

Dodho Magazine, Living on Water, online and print issue, October 2020.

Museum Tinguely Basel (Hrsg.), MATTOMATT. Schachobjekte von Jürg Hassler, Kehrer Verlag, Basel 2008.
ISBN 978-3-86828-044-9

Location Africa. Gespräche mit Werner Herzog von Steff Gruber. In: Edition Stemmle (Ed.), Werner Herzog. Cobra Verde Filmbuch, Verlag 'Photographie' AG, Schaffhausen 1987, pp. 113-137.
ISBN 3-7231-0375-8

Interview clippings with Steff Gruber in: Beat Presser (Ed.), Werner Herzog, Jovis Verlag in collaboration with Arte Germany, Arte Edition, Berlin 2002.
ISBN 3-936314-31-4

Jürg Hassler, TOX Magazin, Issue #1, 2012, TOX Media AG, Zurich 2012.
ISBN 978-3-9523784-0-3

Diatypie. Polaroids by Steff Gruber, TOX Magazin, Issue #2, TOX Media AG, Zurich 2020.

Street photography by Steff Gruber 1970-2020, TOX Magazine, Issue #3, TOX Media AG. Zurich 2020.

Professional articles
Regular publications in the professional journal HBRadio on radio frequency technology, in particular on the topics of wave propagation and weak signal propagation. /