1977 – 2020 Pola Experimente

This gallery is under construction. Whenever I find the time, I digitize old negatives and slides and add them to this gallery.
About 10'000 analog pictures are waiting for digitalization.
The selection, place and time are purely coincidental.

Even in 1977 I started to experiment with Polaroid instant images. During the same year I was able to exhibit the results (see interview 1977) at the annual exhibition «Zürcher Künstler in den Züspahallen». The then renowned art critic Fritz Billeter called my pictures «culinary» in his Tages-Anzeiger review. This was definitely not meant positively. Currently, I am experimenting again, not least because a successor of the SX-70 film is being produced again and is available in stores. Whenever I have free time, I play with old and new Polaroid images to see what I can come up with; for example, I dissolve the emulsion in warm water or damage or paint the surface. I also use the Instant Lab of the company Impossible Project or change the pictures, quite unorthodox in Photoshop, in order to take them again with the SX-70 camera afterwards.
I would see the criticism from back then that the pictures are «culinary» as a compliment today...

Genre: Experimental Photography
Camera (analog): Polaroid SX-70
Instant Lab by Impossible