1974 Voyage of Dreams

The gallery is provided for Andy Humphreys and Dick Perrin to determine the location and date of the shot.
The shots are arranged purely at random, so Venice may come before Atlanta. Also, the file names say nothing about the actual location. I will upload about 200 images, but only the best 50 will be used in the book (max).

Additionally, to illustrate the text, private, smaller black and white images will be used. I will upload these at the end as well. Since the text will resemble a diary, I would be happy if you could find pictures where, for example, I and of course both of you are on the picture (I remember that we took pictures of each other (with Polaroid?) e.g. in Housten, in the Space-Centre).

Also, in addition to my and your pictures, a few from Jim Herbert will be added (he has already given his consent).

The whole project is «work-in-progress» and changes weekly.
Thanks a lot for your help!

PS Please use the numbering above in the left corner of the browser window for communication.